First Name Lynton
Last Name Levengood
Username * Lynton
Country South Africa
City Capetown
Nationality South African
Languages English




Hello,my name is Lynton Levengood. I work as an Concept artist, 3D Modeler and Texture artist. I love creating characters and worlds in my art. I have created the concept art for several in house projects. I have been working in the 3D animation industry since 2007. I have a good knowledge of the requirements for 3d animation and therefore am able to design characters with those requirements in mind. I work hard and have experience in Photoshop, Maya, Lightwave and Z Brush. I am a quick learner and enjoy working with and being inspired by other people. I am able to take direction and work hard to bring to life other peoples visions as well. I have worked remotely producing content for games.

I am passionate about concept art and character and world creation, I would love to work with you.


Current Position Artist;Modeller
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingMotion Picture or Video
Preferred Tools Concept artPhotoshopMAYAIllustrationTexturingZBrush